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How exactly to Resolve QuickBooks Error 1327?

Nothing is perfect. This applies to software also. There are occasions when QuickBooks pops up some annoying minor errors, thus disrupting the workflow.

QuickBooks Error 1327 during installation is regarded as those. In this essay, we shall see just what triggers this QuickBooks Error C=1327 and how to solve it.

What exactly is QuickBooks Error 1327?
QuickBooks Error 1327 is an installation error in other words. an error that pops up while installing QuickBooks on your desktop. You insert the installation media and attempt installing after which there is an error box because of the error message-

“The drive [drive letter] is invalid. OR Invalid drive [drive letter]”.

Background Details

Before trying to know the reasons for the problem or attempting to resolve QuickBooks Error 1327 it's always best to know a couple of basics about the installation of an application on some type of computer.

Installed programs and their components are kept in the pc in places called Drives. For instance, in Windows, all of the system files and folders are often kept in the C drive. You can find the menu of drives available on your computer by checking in my own Computer or This PC. Drives are now actually the partitions of this computer’s memory. It is comparable to dividing the space of a property into rooms.

Equipped with these background details, let us now jump to the details of the error.

Causes of QuickBooks Error 1327
There are many reasons that could cause QuickBooks Error C=1327. 

1. Corrupted or moved storage devices
This especially takes place when you are trying to install QuickBooks into an external memory device like an external system drive or a USB. If there is a loose connection or if perhaps it gets disconnected throughout the installation process, QuickBooks Error 1327 occurs.

2. Corrupt Microsoft .NET Framework
Windows comes with a software called Microsoft .NET Framework that can help in ensuring complete and correct installation and coordinating the working of this software installed on Windows. The error may also pop up if the .NET Framework is corrupted.

3. Incorrect Registry Settings
A Registry is actually a spot where the computer records all of that is going on the pc just like the storage location of each file an such like. If the entry for QuickBooks installation in your computer gets the wrong drive name or location, QuickBooks Error 1327 occurs.

4. System-Specific Error
In addition to any or all these, there might be some system-specific errors that may be solved only by a specialist.

Steps to solve QuickBooks Error C 1327
Here are a few suggested approaches to resolve QuickBooks Error 1327. 

1. Ensure Proper Connection of Storage Devices
Ensure that all the cables and other things are connected to the computer properly. Also, ensure that the USB or Flash devices you are using to install QuickBooks in, is properly connected and fully functioning.

2. Repair Microsoft .NET Framework
Steps to fix the Microsoft .NET Framework

Search Programs within the Control Interface.
Select Turn Windows Features On/Off.
Confirm with an admin account password, if asked.
Uncheck the container close to Microsoft .NET Framework and reboot the pc.
Open Programs and also by after the same step, check out the box next to Microsoft .NET framework.
3. Repair Registry Settings
Steps to fix Registry Settings

Backup your system registry.
Press Windows key+R and type Regedit and then click on run.
Navigate into the specific key here:  HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders.
Discover the entries that list the drive letter that will be mentioned into the error message.
Modify the incorrect drive names to C:\.
Save the settings, preferably boot the pc and retry installing. Following the successful installation, revert the modifications designed to the registry.

If QuickBooks error 1327 persists regardless of using the above solutions and/or if you are not sure about solving the problem simply by on your own, call at QuickBooks Error Support Desk Number.

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