Create Backup Of The QuickBooks Desktop Company File

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Create Backup of this QuickBooks Desktop Company File

If using QuickBooks Desktop, then the following procedure will allow you to create a backup copy of the QuickBooks Desktop company file.

The origin of the material comes directly from QuickBooks and certainly will be located here.

You can save backup copies of the QuickBooks company file to safeguard against accidental data loss. Backup copies are essential insurance- if you lose data for just about any reason, you can easily Restore a backup company file utilizing your backup copy. If You want to know about Create Backup Of The QuickBooks Desktop Company File then call our experts.

If you need to email a duplicate of the company file, see Create or restore a QuickBooks Desktop portable company file.

Perform these to back up your organization file:

1. Switch to single user mode. (File > Switch to Single-user Mode).

2. Through the QuickBooks File menu, select Backup Company then Create Local Backup.

3. On the Create Backup window, select Local Backup then click on the Options button.

4. regarding the Backup Options window that appears, click Browse and select the location for the backup copy.

NOTE: It really is smart to save backups somewhere except that your main local drive in the event of a method failure. If you have a file hosting service (such as for instance DropBox), flash drive or other removable media, you might select it here.

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5. When you have chosen, click OK.

6. check out one other options about this page and choose any you want. Each option is explained in detail below. Click OK when you are done.

Check out the Add the time and date associated with backup to your file name (recommended) to make it easier to distinguish between backup files.
Look at the box Limit how many backup copies for this folder to and enter a number should you want to restrict how many backups designed for a single company. This can help save hard disk drive space.
Put a check mark from the box Remind us to backup when I close my company file every _ times and set the frequency if you would like to get a consistent backup reminder.
Select options for verifying data when you save. Skipping the verification makes the backup process faster, but we recommend leaving it enabled to make sure you will likely be alerted if any damage is detected in your file.

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Your alternatives are:
Complete verification (recommended)
Quicker verification
No verification

7. In the Create Backup window, click Next.

8. Choose whether to keep your backup now, schedule future backups, or both:

If you choose Save it now
You will be prompted to decide on a spot to save lots of your backup file. By default, it should be saved in the location you specified in the backup options earlier. However, you may possibly choose a new location if you prefer. Select Save to create the backup file.
In the event that you choose Save it now and schedule future backup or Only schedule future backups
To truly save backups whenever you close your file, put a check mark regarding the Save backup copy automatically whenever I close my company file box. It is possible to choose exactly how many times QuickBooks must certanly be closed before you are prompted to help make a backup.

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To save backups on a set schedule, click on the New button to set up a backup schedule. You are able to give your schedule a description, specify a backup location, and set the choices for what days and times the backup must be performed on. Click OK as soon as you're satisfied.
Click Finish when you're done.

The information and steps provide you with a clear insight on the best way to create an organization File & Backup. Should you feel confused in just about any regarding the above steps, keep in touch with a technical expert at QuickBooks Desktop Support Number.

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