Update Email Address In QuickBooks

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Update Email Address In QuickBooks

How To Improve Your Email Address in QuickBooks

Locate and update your email account preferences in QuickBooks.
Getting your email account setup in QuickBooks can be very beneficial as it lets you send invoices, sales receipts and more directly from QuickBooks. To setup your email you will have to tell QuickBooks what email platform you will be using (Outlook or Web Mail). If you want to Update Email Address In QuickBooks and you need any help then call our experts.

By default, QuickBooks automatically uses Outlook, Outlook Express or Thunderbird. To inform QuickBooks to utilize web mail (like Gmail or Yahoo) follow these instructions:

Go to “Edit” in the main navigation
Select “Preferences”
In the left column, select “Send Forms” (see graphic to right)
Then click “My Preferences” tab, select “Web Mail“, then click on the “Add” button
There you will have to add your current email address and provider
Then click ok, verify the information and knowledge and click ok again

As soon as you’ve updated your current email address, email a test transaction or report to you to ultimately verify it is working correctly. In the future, you may be asked to re-enter your password. If that's the case, be sure to enter your email password again, not your QuickBooks password as well as easily happen.

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If you wish to update QuickBooks or differ from web mail to Outlook, follow these instructions:

Head to “Edit” in the primary navigation
Select “Preferences”
Into the left column, select “Send Forms” (see graphic to right)
Then click on the “My Preferences” tab
Select “Outlook“
Click Ok

If you should be adding an Outlook account to QuickBooks the very first time, you may want to have the next information ready for quick setup:

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Incoming email server address
Incoming email server type
Outgoing email server address
If you need help setting up your email or other business information in QuickBooks, contact your out from the Box Technology QuickBooks ProAdvisor.

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